Some Deet for my Sweet


Ah, the romance of bug repellent. Not exactly the fun and delightful thing you think of when planning your wedding. But you should, oh, you should. It can be one of the least expensive items that will make you and your guests the happiest. When planning a ceremony or reception involving the beautiful outdoors it is always important to think about the little things that can make a huge difference. I’ve Officiated a couple weddings this year that have taught me a valuable lesson. Not only should I carry in my small arsenal of help items (scissors, extra boutineer pins, mints, black pens, tissues, lint roller) but now bug spray. At one outside wedding reception in Wilmington, there was the most magnificent breeze, but when it died down, at exactly the time of the Bride and Groom’s first dance, the mosquito’s became wedding crashers. We had recently had a lot of rain and the mosquitos were ready to party. I lasted as long as possible, but 23 bites later (I counted), slapping of my face and everyone around me, I was happy I had the luxury of deciding it was time to go. The guests prayed for the wind to pick up QUICK as they slapped the mosquito’s silly. In retrospect if I had stayed I could have witnessed some pretty good mosquito influenced dance moves. My next adventure was far less fun and really to be honest painful for everyone. This time it occurred at a Topsail Island beach wedding, where the family had all spent their day enjoying the same beach spot the ceremony was taking place in the evening. Well, once the tide rolled in and back out again it brought something in with it that conjured up every horsefly East of the Mississippi, I’m certain. Everyone was getting bit and doing a little dance throughout the ceremony. Ferocious as they were (and they WERE) I grinned and carried on. I can honestly say I’ve never seen guests make it from the beach to the reception in such record time.
You can find many different bug repellent options out these days. Find something that works perfect for your personality. Deet, no Deet, ala-natural, spray, pump, pretty smelling, even the kind that conjures up memories of camping as a kid. Just get some, let the guests know it is there for them if they choose, and they will. The Groom and Bride along with their wedding guests will be happier and able to enjoy every minute of the wedding. Celebrating happily during, and ever after.