Starting your wedding late


I always tell my couples that when your wedding starts late, it is time you will never get back at the end. Ideally, your wedding will start on time but most start a little late. 15 minutes late is acceptable but after that you’ll need to remember your guests, are your guests, and it isn’t fair to keep them waiting. And we all know grandma and grandpa arrived 30 minutes early.  Again, it will be less party time at the end. And if you start too late it can completely affect the food for the reception. Your cold food gets hot, your hot food gets cold, etc. If your vision has been a sunrise or sunset ceremony timing is everything, neither will wait. Crazy, I know. No matter how much time you think you’ll need, add another 30 minutes. Your worse case scenario is you get to sit back and take in the moment instead of rushing around up until the last second. That really isn’t how you want your wedding ceremony to start. So remember, allow plenty of time and add in another 30 minutes.

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